Tactical Equipment Paintball Strike Steel Half Face Mask for Airsoft Black Skull Color

Do you want an Intimidation Factor on your side? Be intimidating while also protecting your face. Check out the Airsoft Metal Mesh Half Mask. This half mask works great with the Tactical Crusader ProTac Goggles for face protection. The metal mesh protects your lower face from BBs. You will notice that its low profile gives you an excellent cheek weld while aiming your airsoft rifle when compared to more bulky airsoft masks. This great mask allows you to be fearless and you'll have the confidence to know that you are unstoppable. Pick up this mask today because as you know, safety first.


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ZANheadgear Black Neoprene Face Mask

ZANheadgear Black Neoprene Face Mask

For the ultimate in design, comfort and fit trust ZANheadgear. Our patented neoprene facemask has a piped outer edge that prolongs the life of the mask and creates a better seal around your face. Do not trust the no name imitators. Do not settle for inferior materials with chemical smell, poor fit and lack of quality control. Buy the brand you can trust with a manufacturer who stands behind its products.