Crosman Pellgunoil Air Gun Lubricating Oil (1/4 ounces)

This ¼ ounce tube of specially formulated oil is used with pneumatic or CO2 powered airguns. Pellgun oil prevents your airguns from rusting and the seals from drying out.


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Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull 4+1 BC Mega Set

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull 4+1 BC Mega Set

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun 3Skull 4+1 BC Mega SetThe new Gryphon marker is lightweight and incorporates numerous premium features, including: an internal gas line for a cleaner look, a rigid and ergonomically-designed front grip, a center-feed design to maximize mobility, a high-impact body, a blade trigger for a smoother trigger pull, a high performance and ported barrel for reduced sound and improved accuracy, and the legendary reliability of the Tippmann, inline bolt system in a new body frame and loader position to provide a more balanced feel to the marker.Package IncludesTippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker (.68 caliber)GXG XSVN Paintball Mask Black4 - 140 Round Heavy Duty Ultimate Paintball Clear Tubes3Skull 4+1 Paintball Harness Black1oz Gold Cup Oil3Skull 21" Orange Jerk Squeegee3Skull 200 Round Gravity Feed Hopper Black3Skull 20oz Co2 Tank (Shipped Empty)3Skull Barrel Condom (Color Varies)

Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Cal

Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Cal

The Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 is equipped with the IGT Mach 1, the most powerful gas piston technology from Gamo. It is able to shoot a pellet at up to 1020 fps, this is thanks to the larger 33 mm cylinder. This air rifle also features the Whisper Fusion, the quietest noise reduction technology patented by Gamo. The pellet goes through two different chambers compressing and preventing noise expansion. Combining the Whisper Fusion and the IGT Mach 1 technologies makes this rifle quiet, powerful and accurate. By using the IGT MACH 1 the rifle does not have the vibration of the traditional spring piston. The air rifle is equipped with a Gamo 3-9x40 scope. The synthetic stock has a comfortable, abidextrous cheek piece. The Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 also features the CAT (Custom Action Trigger) that allows you to adjust the 1st and 2nd stage to your preference. It also has the Recoild Reducing Rail (RRR) that absorbs the recoil and reduces the stress on the scope by almost 100%. 5 YEAR WARRANTY, Made in Spain