Daisy Powerline 880 multi-pump pneumatic Air Rifle with Scope - Remanufactured

The Powerline 880 is Daisy's best-selling multi-pump, pneumatic rifle - and with good reason. This rifle features a molded Monte Carlo stock and forearm, easy pump action and a magazine capacity of 50 BBs allowing you to shoot all day while only needing to refill the rifle a couple of times. To fire the rifle, pump the gun three times for indoor target practice or up to ten times for maximum velocity and simply pull back the bolt and push it forward. Every repetition of this action loads another BB. You can also single load your choice of any .177 caliber pellets. Note: These units are factory returns and have been refurbished by the expert technicians at Daisy prior to being placed back on the market for sale and come with the same One-Year Warranty as brand new rifles. These refurbished rifles are practically new so take advantage of the savings while inventory lasts!


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