Umarex Steel Storm Air Pistol (Black, Medium)

For the ultimate backyard fun experience, pick up an Umarex Steel Storm Tactical Air Pistol. The first thing you will notice about the Steel Storm, is the striking look and feel, and the quality craftsmanship. The pistol has a single shot mode and a 6-shot (Full-auto) burst mode. A lever on the rear of the gun allows you to easily switch between modes. The Steel Storm is powered by two 12 g CO2 cartridges that are stored in the grip. To release the cartridges push the release button behind the trigger guard to partially release the trigger, and then press the secondary release on the back of the grip to fully release the cartridges. There is a small "key" stored in the bottom of the cartridge holder that is used to tighten fresh CO2 cartridges into position and removed old cartridges. A fresh set of cartridges will last around 300 shots. The Steel Storm has a 300-round BB reservoir, and a built-in 30-round magazine. To load the pistol simply pour the BBs in the reservoir, push the magazine spring forward, gently shake the pistol to fill the magazine, release the spring, and you are ready to rock. The pistol produces impressive accuracy, and has a picatinny rail on the top and bottom for mounting optics. Pick up your Umarex Steel Storm pistol today for loads of shooting fun.


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